i was inactive for like two years

2009-07-01 15:52:36 by bobthevamp

but my friend told me to get back on

so here i am

I lol at Kaywire

2009-01-03 01:25:56 by bobthevamp

2 Years have passed and he's still a giant faggot. But now he's arrogant and pretentious. Way to go, Gaywire. The only thing that would make me laugh more is if he announced that he hates spam because it makes "real artists" like him look bad.

Lawlmaster is a faggot

2008-12-13 17:47:14 by bobthevamp

1. He's a former troll faggot
2. He's such a defensive pussy. Me and a couple the party members poked and teased him, and he goes batshit crazy. Here is a word-by-word recount:

Kyothine: lol stfu or else immma gonna release my SPARTAS!!!!1 [poking fun of how lawlmaster used to say SPARTA like a flying faggot at the end of every sentence]
Lawlmaster: Hey shut up.You're grammer sucks so I'm gonna ban you.
Shroomkitty: Fuck you, stop being so defensive. You know what I'm talking about, stop hiding from it.
fohn-jarmery: Faggot.
ngfan14: faggot
lawlmaster: Oh shit I got owned I shold porbablly delete all of these comments and ban everyone.Yes that is totally the cool thing to do.

3. He's a faggot. Faggot.
4. He's 11 years old. Faggot.
5. He is a moron.He types his sentences retardedly.Like this.

We're back!

2008-05-24 00:43:42 by bobthevamp

It's t3hparty.org at it's best! We're fucking here!

We have reported bullshit.

We're back!

and I was like

2008-03-14 07:13:29 by bobthevamp


and I was like


2008-03-08 17:33:49 by bobthevamp


work it make it do it makes us

2008-02-02 07:56:57 by bobthevamp

truly, truly, outrageous.

t3h party are we

2008-01-26 20:14:36 by bobthevamp

flash is our game
its all the same